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Friday, May 16, 2008

KMPO's Spokane sister agency makes national news

So, Staci Lehman blogged earlier this week on the Spokane Regional Transportation Council's blog about her escapades at the stateline weigh station (see her post Here), and it was linked by a national civil liberties blog called Boing Boing. Apparently, Boing Boing is the equivalent of the Drudge Report in the national blogosphere. Our post on this blog generated at least 29 comments, which is a record. The post on Boing Boing got another 22 comments. You can check it out Here

Hat Tip: Rich Roesler, Spokesman Review, who discovered and blogged about our national exposure Here

BTW, a Spokane man was also featured on Good Morning America today for biking to work as opposed to driving to save money on gas.

I bet if you add up the time it takes to read the comments and watch the video, it would come out pretty close to 15 minutes of fame. That's our Andy Warhol moment for today.

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