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Monday, August 25, 2008

ITD Projects For This Week

Paving and sealcoating projects begin on state highways this week, as part of Idaho Transportation Department's ongoing maintenance of the state highway system. Here's the schedule:

- Aug. 26: Idaho 3, junction Idaho 3/Idaho 97 to Interstate 90.
- Aug. 27: Interstate 90, from milepost 30.9 (Fourth of July Creek) to milepost 40.11 (Exit 40 at Cataldo).
- Aug. 28 - 29: Fog sealing on above road sections. The speed limit will be reduced to 35 mph through the work zone area.

Seal coating is a process designed to prolong the life of the roadway surface. A thin layer of asphalt is laid down, followed by a layer of rock chips. Once the liquid asphalt has set up, excess rock chips that have not adhered are removed. Fog sealing is a thin layer of asphalt that will be sprayed over the completed, which will seal in the rock chips.

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