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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Post Falls Mayor Larkin Sends Message To President-Elect Obama

America's mayors, including Post Falls Mayor Clay Larkin, are asking for help from President-elect Barack Obama, seeking relief from the national economic crisis. queried more than 1,000 mayors by e-mail just after Election Day, seeking their top two suggestions for the president-elect's "to do" list. 205 mayors in 48 states and Puerto Rico responded.

By far, help fixing the economy was the most often repeated request, and it was Mayor Larkins'. He listed his first priority as being to get the mess in Washington, D.C. figured out as far as the $700 billion bailout. His second priority is the National Transportation Plan, which he says was neglected during the election.

You can view the Mayors' comments by region on an interactive map or read them all in one place.

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