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Monday, November 30, 2009

Transportation Funding Task Force Meets This Week

Governor Butch Otter’s transportation funding task force will hold its third meeting this week. At this Wednesday's meeting in Boise, a national consultant and former Utah transportation director will make a presentation about transportation funding across the country.

The task force is in the midst of an 18-month study of options for adequately funding transportation in Idaho. It’s scheduled to report back to the governor by December of 2010.

You can see the full meeting agenda and other info by clicking here.


jenni said...

I think,The Transportation Task Force, which meets this week in Boise, will continue to meet over the next year. It will present a report to Otter a year from now that addresses transportation funding.

John Jill said...

funding transportation infrastructure has been a hot topic in the last several legislative sessions. In past years a variety of ways have been looked at to raise money for roads, including increasing the cost of drivers and vehicle licenses, raising gas taxes and raising taxes on rental cars. None of those ideas gained significant traction, especially with the recent bad economy.