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Monday, August 30, 2010

Highway Striping Underway

This time of year is when crews generally re-stripe area highways, so the Idaho Transportation Department wants to give you a couple reminders:

- Always assume the paint is wet. The paint used at this time is latex (water-based) and temperatures and humidity affect drying time. If it looks wet, it probably still is wet.

- Stay in your lane. Do not weave in and out (driving on the painted lines) or try to pass. Spraying equipment will pull over when traffic backs up as soon as it is safe to do so.

- Alter your route to avoid crossing over newly painted lines. If you must cross a painted line, cross it in a manner that limits tire exposure to the paint. Additionally, the faster the vehicle is traveling increases the distance wet paint will be thrown.

- If you get paint on your vehicle let it dry. The paint is latex based and the dry time is short. If it cannot be washed off immediately, and entails only small specks, it is best to let it dry and carefully flick it off later. Large spots or areas of paint will probably require professional removal.

Striping operations will continue into the fall, or as weather permits.

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