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Monday, April 23, 2012

What a Great Idea - A Bike Share Program! Downtown Boise Is Doing It!

I saw the article in "ITD's - Today's News" and thought "What A great Idea!!"  I could see downtown Coeur d'Alene doing this! 

Boise is beginning a bike share rental program (in their downtown area) and are moving forward, where someone could pick up a bicycle at one station and ride to another station to drop it off.  A research study by Boise State's Community and Regional Planning Department suggested multiple locations for bike stations with the aim of linking to Boise's transit options.  The rental program will be free for the first 30 minutes and they will have annual memberships available from $55 to $75 a year.  Apparently, the program is being started using Federal grants.  They expect to hear back on the grants sometime next month.  The grants include all the infrastructure and the bicycles. This effort is a joint effort between the Central District Health Department and the Capitol City Development Corporation as partners in the project. 

The article mentions that it will resemble the program offered by B-Cycle in Denver, Colorado, featuring bikes with baskets and a "relaxed-ride height".   

To see the original article see the following link:

What a great idea!!!

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