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Monday, July 2, 2012

Update to Earlier Post - A True Original Leata Cabalero 1975 with Fiberglass Panels

A little bit more of Post Falls, Idaho's history in car manufacturing.  I posted a story earlier about the Stinebaugh Leata Cabalero.  Since the original post, I found out there was an earlier version of the Leata Cabalero manufactured by Sonny Stinebaugh in Post Falls, Idaho.  

Below, is a picture of the original car manufactured at Stinebaugh Manufacturing along with a link to the website that posted the story. Thank goodness for the internet and all of the stories published.  They manufactured a few different models over the years.

Stinebaugh's brochure stated "The Cabalero owner knows he is one of a few people fortunate to experience the pleasure of a truly exceptional automobile meant to be a landmark in automotive history." It's interesting that some of these cars are still around and sought after and at a fair price years later.

Here is a later model, posted by "just a car geek" that kind of reminds me of an older Subaru Brat:

I thought it might be worthwhile.  I know it's expanded my car knowledge.


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