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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Legislature tackles transportation, public reacts

The talk in Boise this week has been centered around transpotation and how Idahoans are going to pay for it in the future.

According to Eye on Boise, the House Ways & Means Committee held its first meeting of the session today, gathering in a hastily called confab at 11:30 a.m. to introduce three bills. The three were: One from Rep. Leon Smith, R-Twin Falls, and four co-sponsors to place more limits on the GARVEE bonded “Connecting Idaho” project; one from Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, to divert $22 million in existing sales tax revenue from tires, batteries and car accessories into the state highway account; and one from Smith and 15 House co-sponsors calling for a performance audit of how the Idaho Transportation Department does business with consultants and contractors. More of the story here

The reaction to Governor Otter's proposal is varied. Some are saying the car tab fees should take income into account here. Still others would like to see the fees replaced with an increased gas tax here

What revenue source would you purpose to cover a $200 million annual deficit in transportation funding?

1 comment:

overtheroadguy said...

I wish the legislature would stay out of the GARVEE Bonding issue. Every time they get involved North Idaho comes out on the short end. I support Rep. Hart's proposal to divert sales tax money into the Highway Users Account. Sales tax from auto sales and accessories should go into the Highway Users Account. The legislature has more important issues to deal with than investigating how ITD deals with contractors. How about dealing with something important to Idahoans like grocery tax relief!!