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Friday, February 15, 2008

Truck Chains Made Mandatory on Idaho Passes

On Feb. 14, A committee of Idaho senators approved legislation to require truckers to chain up on three specific passes. Read the story below.

Do you agree? Have you ever been stuck in a backup because of a jackknifed semi?


Mark Soderling said...

I think it is a great piece of legislation. The general public, emergency services and the transportation of the nations commerce should not have to be delayed or inconvenienced due to some truckers reluctance to install chains

KMPO Staff said...

I've agreed with that ever since I got stuck on Snoqualmie Pass one time (I know, not an Idaho Pass but it made the point for me)a couple years ago waiting for a semi accident to be cleaned up. It was cold too, wasn't sure how long I'd be up there so I didn't want to keep the car running and burn all my gas.