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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Public Transportation 'Roundtable' Committee Formed

KMPO hosted a formational meeting of a ‘Public Transportation Roundtable’ committee yesterday. Approximately 25 representatives from transportation agencies, social service agencies, and the public showed up to form a committee
to coordinate all interests that have a role in transportation within Kootenai County.

The group will serve in an advisory capacity to the KMPO, providing recommendations on public transportation services and system improvements. It will have a Chair, Vice Chair, and 3-5 positions for 'citizens-at-large,' but no formal voting structure at this time.

Particular transportation issues were not discussed at this first meeting, it was devoted solely to forming the committee and setting up its' structure. The group will meet quarterly, meaning the next meeting is set for sometime in July. At that time, the group’s responsibilities will be expanded upon and members of the public will be given the opportunity to make presentations or bring requests, questions or inquiries to the group.

Any questions?

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