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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Transportation board eyes bike and ped money for road maintenance...

This just in from the Spokesman Review's Eye on Boise:

Mayors, counties, businesses and organizations from across the state are appealing to the Idaho Transportation Board to preserve funding for bikeways and pedestrian pathways, as the board looks at how to cope with a $200 million annual road maintenance shortfall that lawmakers didn’t address this year. The Transportation Enhancement Program, which uses federal funds, has allowed Idaho communities to spend almost $60 million since the program started in 1992 on alternative transportation or restoring historic corridors and train depots, and an additional $5.5 million is scheduled to be spent in fiscal year 2009.

The ITD board will meet April 16-17 in Lewiston, its first meeting since the Legislature dropped plans for any new fees or other funding for road maintenance in the coming year. The groups, which sent a letter to the board, say they fear the bikeway funds are on the chopping block.
Click here to read their full letter.

What do you think? Should this money be converted at least until new road maintenance money can be found?

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