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Thursday, October 30, 2008

CDA Leaf Pick-Up Starts Soon

Coeur d'Alene's annual leaf pick-up program starts Nov. 12, but the City asks you to have your leaves raked into the street by Nov. 3, in case they get a jump on things.

Rake leaves and pine needles about one foot away from the gutter line to allow for water drainage. Due to weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, and unforeseen circumstances, city crews are unable provide a precise schedule of where leaf pick-up will take place. Pick-up will start south of Sherman Avenue and move north. Leaves will be picked up only once. Please do not put leaves in the street after city crews have completed your area. You can get additional information at (208) 769-2233.

· Have your leaves out by November 3rd- but not before.
· Please move cars off of the street if possible during leaf pick-up.
· Keep leaves about one foot off the curb line to facilitate stormwater flow.
· Be alert for leaf pick-up equipment in your neighborhood.
· Keep a safe distance away from leaf pick-up heavy equipment.

· Bag the leaves.
· Mix branches, rubble or other refuse in with the leaves.

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