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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Highway Signs Are Made To Last 10 Years- Please Don't Shoot Them

If you're the clown shooting highway signs in Idaho with a paintball gun, the Idaho Transportation Department asks you to stop. In a news release sent out yesterday, ITD officials say they've seen an increasing amount of signs with paintball damage along state highways in the past several months.

The paintball stains are not only costly to tax payers - who will pay the bill to replace thousands of dollars worth of signs- but has the potential to create hazardous results. The paintballs damage the reflectivity of signs, which makes them easier to see at night. While the signs appear normal during daylight hours, they are hard to see at night when they have paint ont hem.

More than 70 signs were recently replaced at a price of $7,000+. And that tab doesn't include the liability risk if someone gets in an accident.

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