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Monday, October 11, 2010

American Planning Association Conference This Week

It may be Monday, but at least I have something fun to look forward to this week. I'm not even a Transportation Planner, but have been invited to participate in the American Planning Association- Idaho Chapter Conference in Boise this week. I'll be sitting on a panel called 'Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, OH MY!' about using social media in the public sector and how succesful it's been. Should be interesting and I'm looking forward to getting ideas from the other panelists as well.

Here's more information on the Conference. If you're going to be there, be sure to stop by and say hi.


Charles Hansen said...

Have a nice trip and looks like a good seminar for you. I am not a real fan of Facebook, but I do have my own blog and been a fan of blogging for a couple of years.

KMPO Staff said...

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love using it for work to get updates from Ray LaHood, Complete Streets Spokane, etc. but am not so big on using it in my personal life. A lot of the features on there make me crazy and I don't believe that anyone cares that I just rearranged the furniture in my office or got a sunburn while mowing the lawn. I believe we're already on information overload and one more bit of useless knowledge could very easily make my head explode. Ditto with Twitter; it has some great uses but can be used for evil instead of good as well. I LOVE blogging but a large part of that is because it's something creative I can do in an environment (government agency) that generally doesn't foster creativity. With more focus, and criticism, than ever on government though, I think we need to do whatever we can do get the word out about what it is we do and where your money is being spent.

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