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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

House Republicans Propose Big Rail Cuts

Yesterday Vice President Biden announced the Administration's plan to request $8 billion for high speed passenger rail in next year's budget. Today, House Republicans proposed essentially zeroing out this year's funding.

If budget cuts released today are adopted, 2011 proposed funding of $1B for high speed passenger rail and $224 million for Amtrak operations would be eliminated.
The Federal Transportation Issues blog has the entire list of proposed cuts.


Charles Hansen said...

I think that is very short sighted, we will need both in the long run, and cutting them now will cost more in the future.

KMPO Staff said...

From what we've been hearing, I think that may be the theme of the reauthorization of a Federal Surface Transportation Bill: cut now in the name of fiscal responsibility and try to figure it out later.

However, Obama believes that improving the country's entire physical infrastructure including roads and railways will make America more competitive and generate jobs in the short term. So it's somewhat of a catch 22.