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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bamboo Bicycles - You Can Make One!

"I noticed the story in the Spokesman Review below, so I GOOGLED" bamboo bicycle projects.  It's quite interesting...You can actually make your own bamboo bicycle!  I found an older video on YouTube of a bamboo bicycle project from start to finish (below):

Here is the story of in the Spokesman Review that was recently published...

Spokesman Review-
Spokane business owner Paul Fish (founder of Mountain Gear) wanted to see if he could build a bike out of bamboo.  After 50 hours and trial and error, he did it.  He is hoping to get the time down to 25 hours per bike, especially since six family members have requested he build one for them.  The bamboo bike weighs about 18 pounds and rides like a bike.  He got his inspiration and design assistance on the Bikecad website,  Total cost of the bike was around $200.00.  To see the full story by the Spokesman Review visit the following link:

So there you have it, another project for all the bicyclist/inventors out there :)

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