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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Transportation by Lawn Chair & Helium Filled Balloons.. HUH???


I noticed this on the transportation news and had to share it.  It brought a "comical smile" to my face.  It's definitely a different way to travel, although I am not sure how the Department of Aviation would appreciate it, if we followed suit, ballooning up, up, and away, and in our lawn chairs no less.

I followed this story about a man named "Kent Couch".  He has a website devoted to his past, present and future flights, plus information about exactly how he does it.  He carries his Red Ryder BB rifle to shoot the helium filled balloons in order to safely land the lawn chair.  The website says he is planning another flight sometime this year to Iraq, in a fundraiser for Iraqi orphans.

On a previous flight, in October of 2009, he took his buddy John Freis with him to compete in the first ever two man lawn chair cluster balloon race.  You can go to the website below, if you would like to see the balloon race.

Do not try this at home, and in no way am I encouraging you to take up lawn chair ballooning! Have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer: Cluster Ballooning (or any type of  ballooning to remove yourself from the ground to fly in the air) is inherently dangerous. KMPO assumes No Responsibility for the use or mis-use of information provided on this story or blog.


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