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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Selkirk Loop Gets Scenic Byway Grant

This doesn't affect us in Kootenai County, but I thought it was really interesting and wanted to blog about it.

Boundary/Bonner Counties found out last week that they got a scenic byways grant to continue developing a scenic route in partnership with British Columbia. The route of the Selkirk Loop is between Newport, WA, Sandpoint, ID, Bonners Ferry, ID, and British Columbia.

$114,800 in federal scenic byway funds will be provided for the project.

The Loop has a very impressive website with maps, business listing, photos, and even testimonials from people who have driven it and made a mini-vacation of the trip. Here's a link. I'll remind you again about this in the summer as it would make a nice trip for a long weekend. In the meantime, has anyone driven it yet?

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