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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ever Been Yelled At Or Harrassed While Walking Or Biking?

Over on the Spokesman-Review's 'Huckleberries' blog they're having a conversation about bicyclists and pedestrians being yelled at or harassed by drivers. Take a look and either let them know, or us here, if that's every happened to you.

I've had the usual 'Hey baby!' and 'Want a ride?' yelled at me, but the funniest story I've heard was from an ex-boyfriend who was pretty skinny and had beautiful long red hair in his younger years. He said he was walking down the street when a pickup full of men approached him from the back and slowed down, yelling things like 'Hey baby, want to come home with us?' and other, much more lewd, suggestions. When he turned around and they realized he was a guy, they freaked called him names and threatened to beat him up. Like it was his fault they were being sleazy or something.

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