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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roadkill Rules Changing

There's a glut of wild turkeys in my neighborhood. Every year I joke that I'm going to hit one with my car and cook it up for Thanksgiving (the joke part of that is me cooking- not hitting an animal with my car). Well, that may not be so farfetched anymore.

Idaho Fish and Game officials are developing new rules that would allow residents to salvage road kill wildlife. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission last week directed agency staff to research and draft rules that would allow public salvage for personal use and commercial salvage, such as selling pelts.

Existing state rules do not allow for personal or commercial use of accidentally killed wildlife. Earlier this year, Fish and Game officials opposed a bill that would have allowed the public to snatch up roadkill found along the side of the highway. At the time, the agency said it collected information about animals killed on roads to help determine the length of hunting seasons.

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