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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Older Drivers; Who Makes The Call When Its Time To Quit Driving?

Many of us have had to face telling a loved one that they are no longer fit to drive, for either health or other reasons. While it's painful, would you rather have the government break the bad news to your loved ones, in the form of a law? The Coeur d'Alene Press looks at the issue of elderly drivers who may not be safe anymore and if a law is needed to get them to hang up the keys.


Charles Hansen said...

My dad drove till he was 100, and his license was still valid after that. I think most people will know when it is time to stop driving, and if not their family should step in, not the government.

KMPO Staff said...

Dang Charles, that's impressive! I personally tend to agree; most seem to know when to give it up, and many even enjoy having others drive them places so they can spend time with family members. The government already has its hands full enforcing everything else, and it doesn't appear to be a prevalent enough issue that government time and money should be spent on it.

Matt Gurwell said...

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Matt Gurwell
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KMPO Staff said...

Thanks Matt! I just looked through your website, I'll post your information out front so everyone can see it.