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Monday, April 18, 2011

Good to see attention paid to distracted driving

An anonymous poster linked this video to a comment on a post below. As a commuter, I am glad to see organizations like this offering scholarships to raise the awareness of distracted driving. I realize it's not just cell phones distracting drivers, but 9 times out 10 when I pass an inattentive driver, they are texting or talking. What's worse is it not just kids doing this either. I'm starting to see senior citizens doing it too.

I read a news story a couple of months ago about research that is underway to prevent distracted drivers. I think it was the USDOT that was considering new regulations that require cell phone jamming devices in cars that are moving over 15 mph. You would essentially have to pull off the road to take a call or check a text message. Personally, I'd be fine with that. Nevertheless, until our society decides to resolve this issue, try and be careful out there...


Suzan Baker said...

Drivers are always going to get distracted. It is just human nature.
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Patricia Carter said...

I dont like such bloody and messy videos. They are disturbing.

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