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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Board Considering Creating Independent Agency

There's been a lot of speculation lately as to what is happening with KMPO. The KMPO Board currently contracts with Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC), the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Spokane County, for day-to-day operational and administrative needs.

The Board is moving toward severing that tie however and creating an independent agency. It's not clear at this time what the timeframe would be to do so, but the contract between KMPO and SRTC states that KMPO must provide 90 days notice before an official split. At this time we have not received that notice.

Here's an article from the Coeur d'Alene Press today that contains some additional information.


Charles Hansen said...

I don't think this is a good idea, transportation needs a regional approach and not stop at state or county lines.

KMPO Staff said...

That's my concern as well. There are so many folks who live in North Idaho and work in Spokane that it would be nice to keep that regional approach. Plus a lot of Spokane folks recreate in Kootenai County. The area has grown so much together coordination is a huge benefit. Plus, right now, KMPO has at it's disposal 15 staff members at any time. We don't all always work on KMPO issues and projects, but we go back and forth as needed, and charge the time to KMPO. If we separate, there will only be the talents of three people to draw from. And while I'm sure they will each do a little of everything, they won't have the expertise in certain areas that they benefit from now.