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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Possible SNOW in the Forecast for Thursday

If you haven't put your snow tires on yet, you may want to get them, and soon.  The weather forecast is possible snow and rain for tomorrow. 

While, studded tires are now legal in both Idaho and Washington, there are many studless alternative snow and ice winter tires that won't damage the roadways and in turn our future pocketbooks.

I haven't used anything except all season radials, for years now, but with the last three winters we have had and a longer commute everyday, I decided to purchase winter snow and ice tires.

Consumer reports can assist you in making sure you get the best tires for the amount of money you'll spend on them.  The tires I chose, are not ranked number 1 on Consumer reports, instead I decided to go with word of mouth on their performance, from people I know, that have used the same ones I just purchased. 

If you'd like to check out the consumer reports before you buy them, I've included a link below.


Ryan said...

What tires did you end up getting? I've always heard great things about Blizzak or any of the Nokian varieties. Thanks.

KMPO Staff said...

I actually ended up getting the Goodyear Blizzaks. I'll have to let you know how they do after I drive on the snow and ice. I know two people who have had them for the past two-three years and they swear by them.