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Monday, November 14, 2011

WINTER Driving Tips - FYI

The Idaho Department of Transportation posted an article of Winter Driving Tips (see link below).  I am posting the suggestions in the article, since it's good to remind yourself of winter driving conditions, take precautions and be safe on the roadways!

  • 80% of winter accidents are four wheel or all wheel drives vehicles.  All wheel or four whell drives may accelerate faster on slick roads than two wheel vehciles,  but all vehicles slow down the same way.
  • Remember bridges and bridge approaches tend to be icy even when roadways look bare and dry.
  • Make sure and clear the hood and roof to prevent visibility problems on higher speed roadways.
  • Crusie control causes problems on slick surfaces.  "You can sense road conditions better than your cruise conrtol".
  • Tires are considered bald when they wear down to 2/32" of tread.  "Tires should be at least 4/32" to maintain grip".
  • It'sa good idea to keep an emergency kit and a blanket in your car in case of a breakdown.

Here's a video from Michelin Tire for tips on "Winter Driving Tips on Braking".  This is a great video for new or inexperienced drivers that have never driven in the snow!

Enjoy winter and be safe out there!

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