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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's How To Get Your Very Own Bus Bench

Just got this email from Andrew Murphy of Citylink: The KMPO Transportation sub-committee is pleased to announce that the first of Citylink’s new bus stop benches is finished. The bench was manufactured by local craftsmen right here in North Idaho, and will be available in a variety of colour schemes. Five year bench sponsorships will be available to local businesses or individuals who may be interested in supporting these public amenities. Although advertising will be prohibited on the new Citylink benches, successful sponsors will be able to have their name engraved on a nice plaque on the bench back. The sample bench is mobile, and will be viewable throughout the Citylink system over the next few weeks. The bench can currently be viewed in the foyer of the new Post Falls Town Hall. Subject to municipal review, it is hoped to install a bench at each of the 90 Citylink bus stops starting in April 2009. Prospective sponsors are encouraged to contact the sub-committee chairman Craig Wilcox at (208) 667-1212 for further information.

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