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Friday, March 13, 2009

Incorrect Information Circulating

Some business owners have become concerned about proposed changes to the US95corridor through Coeur d’Alene, due to rumors and inaccurate information.

Last year, we conducted a US95 Access Management Study from I-90 through Hayden to find ways to reduce delays and improve safety and mobility.

Business owners near the Bosanko and Canfield intersections have been hearing rumors saying access off the highway to businesses at these intersections will be eliminated. That is incorrect. While the study does recommend changes to both intersections, access will still be provided.

For example, while the removal of the traffic signals at Bosanko and Canfield are recommended, left turns off the highway will still be allowed at those intersections just as they are today. When leaving local businesses, drivers that currently turn left onto US95 would need to find another way to go north or southbound. Right turns both on and off the highway would still be permitted as they are today.

The complete report of US95 Access Management Study recommendations is available here.

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