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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Deal Between Otter and House On Transportation

As the House prepares to consider amendments to a bill to raise the gas tax just 2 cents next year, Gov. Butch Otter said he’s not reached any deal with House leadership on transportation.

In a quote from the Spokesman-Review's 'Eye on Boise' blog, Otter said, “I am aware that they’re trying very hard to come up with a solution to the transportation needs and our transportation problems.” “It’s my hope that we’d be looking further down the road than 2 cents will get us. If it costs a dime to get out of sight, why, 2 cents wouldn’t get us at the end of my vision. So I think it’s important that they continue their efforts, and I’m pleased that they are continuing the efforts.”

The governor said, “In an effort to get the ball moving, we put together a package; $174 million was our first effort, and then that failed. I can understand the pros and cons on both sides of this, because of the nature of the economic climate that we’ve got.” But he said the 7-cent gas tax increase he proposed - and that the House killed two weeks ago - would head off greater costs later. “Whose kids are gonna have to pay for that?” he asked. “The 7 cents that I was asking for this year, for the next generation could very easily turn into 70 cents per gallon. … Deferred maintenance is really on the backs of our children and our grandchildren.”

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