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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bamboo-Made Cars Run On Coconut Bio-Diesel

Taking a trip to the Philippines anytime soon? Yeah, me neither. But if you ever do, be sure to check out the newest taxis there. Two new taxis, named Eco 1 and Eco 2, have hit the streets of a town called Tabontabon.

They're made almost entirely of bamboo and powered by coconut bio-diesel! Both are made of 90% bamboo and almost fully covered in banig, a Filipino woven mat. They're spacious too, one can carry up to 20 people and the other eight people.

They're stylish too, being decorated with a variety of colors and designs. But the real question is, how fuel efficient are they? The blog 'Green Diary' has the answer.

1 comment:

britney said...

Bamboo made cars sounds strange!!!
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