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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bike Commuting While Pregnant- Safe Or Risky?

Most people who know me know I'm pretty squeamish about pregnancy, so here's a topic I never expected to discuss on this blog: should pregnant women continue to bike commute? My first reaction was no, they should be hidden away out of the site of the non-pregnant public. I have to admit that's not fair though. This thread on the 'Bike Commute Tips Blog' by author Paul Dorn says bicycle commuting can be a particularly healthy activity for expectant mothers, even up to the week before giving birth.

He emphasizes that pregnancy is definetely a time when women need to use caution in their physical exertion, but says bicycling is among the best exercise during pregnancy because of it's smooth motion, it doesn't require lifting or jumping, and you can choose your level of exertion.

So read the article and let me know if you, your spouse, or a friend commuted by bike while pregnant and how that worked out.- SL


Chris Bosley said...

My wife and I rode our bikes to most of her doctors appointments, to Blockbuster, and to TCBY all the way up to the day she gave birth to our son.

Our doctor was impressed.

KMPO Staff said...

The most important destination being TCBY of course :) So I take it the doctor was okay with it?

Chris Bosley said...

Our doctor was definitely okay with it. Doctors don't agree on exercise during preganancy, but ours was supportive as long as it wasn't more than what you are accustomed to and not too intense.

Lisa researching cycling while pregnant said...

Seems to me like it would be ok. It is zero impact and staying active is good for your health as well as your baby's.