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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She's Wearing A Helmet In Case The Chipmunk Attacks

This is my niece Rebecca communing with the chipmunks. I blogged last week about how Rebecca and her family rode the Trail of the Hiawatha last weekend, and while they enjoyed the sights, the thing that caught their attention the most was the chipmunks.

Rebecca's father said that people on the trail need to watch out because those little vermin are quite pushy. He said the chipmunks look they they'd been 'sucking on air hoses' because they're twice the size of your run-of-the-mill chipmunk. my other niece fed a nut to a chipmunk, then tried to get another out to feed it, but before she could do so it bit her! And they apparently saw another rider set down a backpack and watched a chipmunk try to get into it! Crazy, they've run amok on the trail!

So this is my final word on Trail of the Hiawatha chipmunks; if you want to keep your fingers, don't feed them by hand.

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