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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who Doesn't Want To Pull Their Canoe With A Bike?

Thanks to blogger Holly for sending me some fun, yet practical, links. And the best part? Her comments to sell them. Here's a look:

Have a canoe, but no vehicle to tow it? Here's your answer.

Because your toddlers saw you shaking your fist and witnessed a stray finger flying about during a heated road rage inspired interaction, you can no longer turn your back on them for a second.Here's where you can get it.

Need to haul your industrial strength hair dryer around the desert, but don't own an SUV or a droid to carry it for you? Hope your quads are made of steel, because this trailer can handle up to 100 pounds!

I don't know if this was photoshopped, but at first I thought it was an ad for IKEA... ANYONE UP FOR AN IKEA RUN? This actually came from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, demostrating how much you can do with your bike. Here's the story.

So what do you think? Need some new bike 'accesories?'


Charles Hansen said...

Wow And I thought my paperboy basket would hold a lot. Not real sure I want to tow a canoe with a bike, easier to paddle it in the lake.

Chris Bosley said...

Hey, I strap my canoe onto my kids' stroller to push it down to the beach. I am considering building a trailer like that so I can pull it with my bike instead.

KMPO Staff said...

And the award for the most creative use of a stroller goes to Chris Bosley.