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Monday, January 23, 2012

DOT's, Local Jurisdictions and Other Emergency Personnel - Thanks for All Your Hard Work

Since driving back and forth on I-90, I've been seeing some crazy accidents.  I know the Transportation Departments (ITD &WSDOT), along with all the local jurisdictions, do their best to make the roadways safe for us (and if your reading this a HUGE "Thank you", along with all other Emergency Personnel, for "ALL" your hard work)!

When the temperature is below 32 degrees, or there is sudden freezing rain, the roadway could have black ice in spots.  I've seen multiple people go off the roadway, a few facing the opposite side direction of I-90, that would have went head on into opposing oncoming traffic, had it not been for the median safety cable preventing it.  Even with the best snow tires, it's best to slow down.  Which reminds me.... I love the Bridgestone Blizzacks (studless snow and ice tires) we purchased this year. I promised I'd report back, and now that I've actually had snow and ice to drive on, they seem to work great on ice.  I still slide somewhat on snow, but nothing works better.... than just Slowing Down....

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