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Monday, January 23, 2012

ISAWS - "NEW" Idaho State Alert & Warning System -


ISAWS stands for the Idaho State Alert & Warning System. Idaho's mass notification and public warnings to Idahoans in regard to emergency situations and disasters. This program provides
for any Idahoan, including those with special needs and/or with English as a
second language, to enroll for notification of emergencies and significant events
which might affect them via cell phone, pager, PDA’s, email, home phone, or
other specialty communication device (in most cases).
Why enroll in ISAWS?
The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security has developed a valuable new source
for emergency information available to all Idahoans. This newly created system
allows the Bureau to use a wide variety of methods to contact Idahoans in case of
an emergency. This includes notification of impending severe weather situations,
missing children alerts (in most cases), natural and/or man-made disasters, civil
emergencies and events of statewide and national significance. Enrollment is simple
and Idahoans have their choice of how they would like to receive ISAWS messaging.
Enrollment is voluntary and you can choose notification via cell phone, email, home
phone, mobile devices such as PDA’s and pagers, or any combination of the
preceding. You may also choose between voice and text messaging, or both.
What if I have special needs?
 The system has been developed to alert Idahoans with special needs and/or with
English as a second language. Simply make note of your situation when you enroll. If you
wish to provide contact information for a caregiver, space has been provided for you to
do so.
 Enrollment in this valuable service is easy. Simply follow the "Sign Up" link above to enter your preferences and begin receiving emergency notifications. Your information is secure and not shared with any other organization or group (with the exception of emergency preparedness and response service providers for emergency planning purposes).
Go to:  to sign up and find out more information about ISAWS.

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