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Monday, March 31, 2008

Emphasis patrol at rail crossings nabs dozens in Spokane

You'd think that after all of the car vs. train deaths we experienced here in Idaho this past year that more people would pay attention to the warning signals at railroad crossings. Nope. That is not the case. A recent emphasis patrol conducted in Spokane nabbed dozens of offenders. Check out the Spokeman Review story and video here. I like the end of the video where the semi truck pulling two tankers of gasoline jams on it to beat the train. Apparently, he could lose his commercial drivers license for that misjudgement.

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Carole said...

Sometimes human behavior just defies logic.

This story really highlights the need for the Bridging the Valley projects. The latest report published by ITD shows our county's collision rate is more than 3 TIMES the state average. Nearly 1/5 of all rail crossing collisions in Idaho occur in Kootenai County.

We have a bad combination of two mainline railroads, heavy train traffic and growing volumes of vehicular traffic needing to cross the tracks. Our safety rate isn't going to improve on its own.