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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Otter withdraws his transportation plan

In bold move today, Gov. Butch Otter sent a letter to to Senate President Pro-tem Bob Geddes and officially withdrew his proposed revenue package, which would have generated enough new revenue to cover the state's $200 million annual deficit in transportation spending. You can read Spokesman Review Reporter Betsy Russell's take on the story here

Otter later told reporters he was trying to make it easier on the legislators who have to stand for re-election this year. Read that story here

“I’m still willing to work with ‘em, but I’m no longer prepared to provide the political cover,” Otter declared. He noted, “It’s an election year – they’re standing for election, I’m not."

What do you think the sausage grinder will spit out to help with transportation costs this year?

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