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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

GARVEE Bill Passes House

The Idaho House of Representatives voted Tuesday to approve the sale of another $134 million in GARVEE bond funds to finance improvements on state highways in southern Idaho. That is with the understanding that next year a large sum of the funding raised by GARVEE bonds will be applied to Highway 95 from Garwood to Sagle.

The passage didn't come without some controversial debate. It passed at 47-23. Opponents argued that the GARVEE bonding program should be suspended for one year until a previously funded audit of ITD is complete. On Monday the House unanimously passed legislation approving the estimated $550,000 ITD audit, which would include a look at the transportation agency's GARVEE contract manager procedures.

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overtheroadguy said...

The Legislature needs to leave this GARVEE program alone and continue funding it. We just had another fatality on U.S. 95. Because of all the problems associated with Environmental clearances and people balking at selling right-of-way for the U.S. 95 North Project it seems to take forever to get this project rolling. We do not need another delay so those Legislative clowns can perform an audit that will go nowhere anyway.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who uses the terminology 'Legislative clowns!'