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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spokane commuters take note...

Ever wonder what traffic is like before heading over into Spokane, or before you embark on your trek home? Now, you can check it out for yourself at the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center's new interactive website . It is the SRTMC that controls all of those traffic cameras you see on the morning news, but that's not all they do. Check out the video above. The City of Spokane's City Cable 5 will air this piece in Spokane soon, but we thought we would post a preview for our loyal Idaho readers who do not get Spokane City Cable.

SRTMC employees are also the people who get write the messages on those electronic reader boards along the interstate. I must admit I've always wanted to write something on those boards. If you had control of the cameras and the boards you could really mess with people. Could you imagine passing one of those signs and reading: "Hey you...Yes you, in the white covertable. Put down the pink razor phone, flip up the makeup mirror and drive!"

What would you write on the boards?

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