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Monday, August 3, 2009

Henderson is doing better...

Just in case you missed it, State Representative Frank Henderson (R-Post Falls) is home and doing well according to his wife who published this letter in the Cd'A Press on Monday:

So many people are still calling me and the hospital, I thought I'd ask you to put this in the Letters to the Editor.

Frank Henderson was in the hospital for only a week recovering from quadruple bypass surgery. He was doing so good in just that week's time that they sent him home to recuperate.

He is doing just great, still has a lot of therapy, but is amazing everyone.

There is no way that I could possibly answer all of the calls and cards he received, so I just want everyone to know how he is doing.

We want to thank everyone for all of your concerns, cards, plants and flowers.

He would love to see his friends, so give him a call and stop by for a visit.


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