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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Would Get You To Ride To Work More Often?

Thanks to Holly for sending me this article. 'Slate' recently asked, "What would it take to get more people to bike to work?" and came up with the answer "more bike parking." It makes sense when you think about it, and it applies to cars so why not bikes? Studies show that a large percentage of commuters who drive to work alone in their car each day have a free, assured parking spot. So if you knew you had a safe, guaranteed place to park your bike each day, would you ride more?


Holly said...

There are some pretty pricey bikes out there nowadays! The bike I just scored (not stolen!) is worth almost $1,000 once I fix it up. That's as much as a beater car. So, safe bike parking would make a difference to me in this scenario.

KMPO Staff said...

Hey, I was thinking that you should document the process of fixing up your bike and send us the pictures as you go. I can do updates and we'll bill it as an 'everyday-person bike makeover' or something. To show that it's not just for the hardcore bicyclists.

By the way, did you recognize the picture accompanying this post? That was taken at your local farmer's market.