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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Just In- Friendly, Overweight Chipmunks Acost Bicyclists

This is important stuff folks! My sister-in-law just got back from a mini-vacation to north Idaho with her family. When asked how it was she responded with this:

The Trail of the Hiawatha was super – if you haven’t done it before, you need to. Its really a good time and incredible scenery - plus the world’s tamest and chubbiest chipmunks. They were eating out of our hands. We saw one kid who had four of them in his lap!

Holy cow- does the management know about this chipmunk situation? I found it funny that most people talk about the ride, or the views, but my sister-in-law's biggest impression was the chipmunks. Oh well, here's the website for the Trail of the Hiawatha in case you want to check it out for yourself. And no, it doesn't mention anything about chipmunks.- Staci

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