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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DUI Emphasis Patrol Turns Up Lots Of Other Infracations

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a holiday enforcement campaign caught a lot more than just impaired drivers.

61 law enforcement agencies participated in the DUI emphasis patrol over the Christmas/New Year's holiday, from Dec. 14 to Jan. 3.

In addition to 446 DUI arrests statewide, law enforcement officers apprehended 183 fugitives, made 269 felony arrests, recorded 236 drug arrests and recovered 12 stolen vehicles. Some additional citations also were issued during the campaign:

* 429 seat belt citations
* 21 child safety citations
* 433 suspended license citations
* 1,468 uninsured motorist citations
* 2,028 speeding citations
* 71 reckless driving citations
* 125 underage alcohol possession citations

Mark your calendar, 'cause the next statewide impaired-driving enforcement campaign is March 12-22.

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