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Thursday, March 18, 2010

ITD Director Outlines Plan To Become 'Best In Nation'

New Idaho Transportation Department Director Brian Ness has a vision to improve the way ITD does business. Ness outlined the plan for the chairs of the Idaho Senate and House transportation committees on Wednesday, and received praise for the improvement some people say they've already seen at ITD recently.

Ness says the department can become the best in the nation through implementing seven initiatives, including:

- ITD will strive to continually get better with the goal of being the best transportation department in the country.
- ITD is transparent, accountable and delivers on its promises.
- ITD seeks to be more effective and to save costs through increased efficiencies.
- ITD provides extraordinary customer service.
- ITD uses partnerships effectively.
- ITD values teamwork and uses it as a tool to improve.
- ITD places a high value on its employees and their development.

Steps to accomplish certain initiatives have already been taken, including implementation of the legislative audit, development of performance measures and creation of employee teams.

What do you think? All departments have initiatives and 'guidance' like this. Do you think there are additional steps ITD will have to take to become the 'best in the nation?'

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