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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CTAI Asks You To Comment On Task Force Recommendations

The Public Transportation Subcommittee of the Governor's Transportation Taskforce recently made recommendations for funding options to support Idaho's public transportation needs. The specific funding options to be supported and recommended by the subcommittee are:

1. User Fees & Fares
2. Local Option Sales Tax
3. Local Option Resort Tax
4. Local Option Real Property Tax
5. Impact Fees

In addition to recommending those options, the subcommittee also recommended local communities meet regional plan requirements before adoption of any or all of these funding options.

Both recommendations are a step in the right direction, but a few more steps are necessary for local communities to utilize these tools to fund public transportation needs. The Governor's Task Force for Modernizing Transportation Funding now needs to include these funding options in their full report to the Governor. And the State Legislature needs to approve legislation that would allow local communities the ability to utilize any of these funding mechanisms.

The Community Transportation Association of Idaho wants you to let the task force members know how important it is for your community to have such tools. You can do this by sending a comment by clicking here. So start working on those comments.

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