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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I90 To Get Third Lane From Sullivan To Barker

The ride could get a little smoother for those of you who commute to Spokane for work on a daily basis. The Washington State Department of Transportation announced yesterday that work will begin next spring on a third lane in each direction on I90 from Sullivan Road to Barker Road. Here are the details from the Spokesman-Review.

I drive this stretch pretty regularly for work around 5 p.m. Pretty much every day I do, there is a bottleneck just after Sullivan Road where the freeway is reduced from three lanes to two lanes. There are often fender benders there as well. While I support this project because of the safety aspect, there are many people who believe an extra lane encourages more people to drive cars instead of finding alternative ways to commute. What are your thoughts on this particular project?


Anonymous said...

Traffic-wise, the bottleneck just moves to Barker Road, which seems somewhat pointless. The project should go to Liberty Lake or not at all.

KMPO Staff said...

The long-term plan is to widen to three lanes in each direction all the way to the state line. They're doing it in chunks as funding becomes available, so it will be at least a couple more years before we get all the way to state line. I was talking to some folks at a public meeting last night about the eventual plan to widen all the way to the state line and their comment was, 'But it narrows down to two lanes again once you're in Idaho so what's the point?'