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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting To Know Your CDA Street Department

Nothing is really jumping out at me to blog about today, so here are some interesting facts from the 'City of Coeur d'Alene Fact Booklet' to keep you busy until something else happens to get me excited about blogging:

In a typical year, the CDA Street Department:

- Maintains over 240 miles of streets
- Plows the city about 10 times (I'll have to check to see how that compares to this year, an atypical year)
- Maintains 70 signalled intersections
- Maintains over 11,000 street signs
- Maintains 225 crosswalks and 350 directional arrows
- Sweeps an equivalent of 1,500 miles of streets
- Sripes 120 miles of city streets twice each year
- Repairs pavement with 3,000+ tons of asphalt
- Constructs over 120 ADA 'PED' ramps (you know, the ramps at corners and crosswalks)

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