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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Bicycling Tidbits To Go With Our Survey

KMPO is developing a region-wide Non-Motorized Transportation Plan and we're asking for your input on it through a quick online survey. Click here to take the survey, then hit the link at the top of the KMPO home page.

In the spirit of improving and adding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Kootenai County, here are some interesting tidbits I found in the 'Idaho Bicycling Street Smarts' booklet:

- A flashlight strapped to the handlebar of a bike with a bungee cord is considered legal and sufficient for city use.

- In Idaho, after stopping at a red light, cyclists may proceed with caution after yielding to other traffic.

- It is legal for bicyclists to ride between cars in a traffic jam, but do so slowly and be observant to make sure no one is going to open their door while you are trying to pass.

- When riding a bike, cross railroad tracks, streetcar tracks, or raised lane-line dots at a right angle so that your front wheel doesn't get pushed out by them causing you to crash.

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