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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warm Up Your Typing Fingers, We're Going To Ask You Some Questions

Put your thinking cap on; tomorrow we're going to have some hard questions for you about how you would like to see Kootenai County's non-motorized transportation system developed.

We're writing a region-wide Non-Motorized Transportation Plan and are asking for your input through an online survey. That survey will be posted first thing tomorrow, so check here Wednesday morning before you do anything else.

In order to develop a Non-Motorized Plan that addresses the concerns, goals, and vision of the community, we'll ask a variety of questions regarding how often you ride your bike or walk to reach a destination, what would get you to bike or walk more often, and who should pay for biking and walking improvements, among other questions.

The information will be used to identify future project needs for improving walking, biking, and other forms of non-motorized travel within the region.

You DO NOT have to be a Kootenai County resident to take this survey if you use North Idaho's bike and pedestrian facilities (bike lanes, walking paths, sidewalks, etc.)

So check back tomorrow and we'll have the link to the survey posted for you.

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