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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gas Pump Fights Back- Has This Happened To Anyone Else?

So luckily this happened at the end of the day yesterday instead of the beginning, because I probably would have gone home to change my clothes and gone back to bed.

On my way home, I stopped at my neighborhood convenience store to get gas. I stuck the nozzle into the gas tank and pushed the trigger. I don't know if it was the force from the flowing gas or what, but the entire hose POPPED OFF THE GAS PUMP, dousing me in gas! So I've got one end of the hose stuck in my car and the other lying on the ground and I'm covered in gas. And the manager at the store was not very apologetic when I stormed in to complain. She simply said to move to another pump, and that the 37 cents worth of gas that sprayed all over me would show up on my debit card. After some angry words, she agreed to have my clothes cleaned if I brought them back in later. It was a long, smelly drive home. I should have taken their %$#@ hose with me.


Jack said...

You know things break sometimes. Its not always someones fault and taking it out on a clerk making minimum wage may make you feel better. But really it just means your a jerk.

KMPO Staff said...

Wow Jack, you're quick to judge. The reason I 'stormed in' was because the clerk (who I specified in the thread was the manager)got on the loud speaker that broadcasts to the entire outside area and announced 'You broke our pump. You need to come inside.' I didn't consider that very good customer service. She wasn't much more polite when I got inside either. She spent five minutes finishing up a phone call (which sounded personal) before paying any attention to me.