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Monday, May 18, 2009

Law Enforcement Watching For Seat Belt Offenders

Idaho Law Enforcement agencies are watching for you this week and next if you don't wear a seat belt. From May 18 through the 31st, more than 50 Idaho law enforcement agencies will be strictly enforcing the state's seat belt law.

Last year, 105 unrestrained people were killed in Idaho traffic crashes. Fines for violating Idaho's safety restraint laws range from $10 to $69.

Decisions to not buckle up also cost Idahoans money. U.S. Department of Transportation studies show that seat belt use in Idaho saved $268 million in comprehensive costs in 2007 alone. However, the lack of seat belt use by approximately one in four Idahoans cost citizens of the state nearly $48 million in preventable emergency, medical and social costs. And don't forget the huge cost to your family if something happens to you. So quit making excuses and buckle up already.

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